Bulldogs News · Hometown Hero: Troy Krueger 2/10/2018

2/10/2018   SFC(E-7)  Troy Allen Kruger

Ladies and Gentlemen before our National Anthem we would like to invite you to  focus your attention now to half court.  On behalf of Sulphur Public Schools we would like to introduce and honor one of our Hometown Heroes.   Veteran – Troy Kruger


  • Troy will be accompanied by his – Wife Teresa,………………………..
  • Troy spent ninteen years in the United States Army from 1980-1999
  • March 14, 1980 Troy enlisted in the US Army Reserve and was trained as a 36 Charlie at Ft Gordon, Georgia for 24 weeks
  • Troy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on July 7th , 1987
  • Troy’s MOS changed from 36 Charlie to 77 Foxtrot, then was trained at Ft. Lee, Virginia in September of 1989
  • He went on to serve on Seoul, Korea in 1992, Germany in 1993. His Unit was activated during the Gulf War(Desert Shield/Desert Storm) to Ft. Sill, OK to prepare for deployment on the ready list but was not called to go.
  • Troy stayed active in the military until 1994 where he went in a control unit where he could have been called up at anytime.
  • Troy received his Honorable Discharge in 1999



Troy Kruger’s  Military Awards include:

  • Civil Defense Medal
  • Expert Medal in Rifle Grenade



Ladies and Gentlemen please join SHS in honoring  Troy Kruger who has given so much to protect our freedoms.