Bulldogs News · Hometown Hero: Andy Pannell 1/26/2018

1/26/2018   Corporal Andy N. Pannell

Ladies and Gentlemen before our National Anthem we would like to invite you to  focus your attention now to half court.  On behalf of Sulphur Public Schools we would like to introduce and honor one of our Hometown Heroes.   Veteran – Mr. Andy Pannell

  • Andy Panell will be accompanied by his – Wife Paula, and sons Zane and Halen Panell
  • Andy Panell is a Class of ’91 graduate of Sulphur High School who served in the United States Marine Core from 1992-1996

Location of Service

  • ‘92-94/ Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego Ca. ‘94-96/ 1st Battalion 5th Marines -Weapons Company Camp Pendleton Ca.
  • 92-94 served w/ Marine Corps Security Force Counter Terrorism Unit- “The Final Option” at North Island.
  • 94-96 served w/ 1st Bn 5th Marines Weapons Company ( Infantry Unit) Squad Leader.

Andy Pannell’s Military Awards include:

  • Rifle Expert award ( 4 consecutive years)
  • Pistol Expert award ( 4 consecutive years)
  • Perfect 300 point Physical Fitness Test award ( 4 years consecutively)
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation
  • Presidential Unit Commendation
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • National Defense Medal
  • Overseas Deployment

Andy attended an American Legion meeting in the summer of 2015, upon finding out that there were 34 men from Murray County that had been killed in various wars and no money had been set aside to have a monument built, he took it upon himself with the support of the American Legion, and utilizing his own money to start the process for our Veteran Memorial on Broadway here in Sulphur. Andy used  the “Ultra Marine “ as a center point for Donations, via  Paypal and he ran from the Kansas/ OK border to the OK/ Texas border from September 23 to  October 4 2015,to raise money. It took a total of 11 Days of 12  running, 256 miles, and a time of 45 hours 56 minutes 34 seconds. Andy Ran a basic 26 miles a day until he hit Ardmore with only 1 day of rest in this timeframe. Vision bank had a bake sale and donated all proceeds to the cause, donations came from as far as Washington state, Las Vegas all the way to Pennsylvania to make it possible. Andy Pannell is the voice of those 34 brave men that never made it back to Murray county.

Ladies and Gentlemen please join SHS in honoring  Andy Pannell who has given so much to protect our freedoms.

Please remain standing as we honor our flag and those who are fighting abroad and those who have fought to defend the greatest country in the World.